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App for runners

Although an increasing number of people are paying attention to their wellness, those interested in fitness and active living may often find themselves lonely in their hobbies. Our Client came up with the idea to design a web solution to match runners together and create a wonderful running experience.

Unlike a typical application for runners the emphasis was made on socialization rather than tracking average speed or calories burned. Finding like-minded individuals in the area, mapping suggested routes and publishing them via top social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – all these features allowed the app users to come together and enjoy their activities at a whole new level .

Development was initially started by our Client’s in-house IT specialists. However due to tight deadlines our team was invited to further handle the whole process. We began with swift yet necessary refactoring to ensure that coding best practices were observed. We ended the project on time by conducting all the necessary tests. The application would soon attract quite a number of users eager to improve their sports experience.