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Commercial fleet management navigator

For the last few years we’ve been slowly moving towards 4.0, a paradigm that will change not only the way we perceive production but as well distribution of goods and services. Logistics will soon undergo dramatic transformation enabled by the development of 5G networks, AI-enabled algorithms powering intuitive applications. What used to be solutions for early adopters are now becoming must have standard tools. 

It’s not a secret that a price of carriage of goods depends on a number of factors like for instance distance. Typical navigators can help you to find the fasted route relatively easy, and yet they do not take into account road fees. Whether you are a hard truck driver or you run a trucking company, you might have faced such a challenge.

Following our Client’s request, we developed a handy application allowing its users to choose among multiple route options, each including not only expected time en-route but as well the amount of money you’ll be eventually charged. Our team paid great attention to UI/UX to ensure seamless user interaction with the solution.