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Levels Design for Battle royale game

The client approached us with the a challenging task of creating a 100% realistic terrain location. The location consisted of 24 maps, each 2.5 х 2.5 km in size. They were to reflect a relief of the real area and the location of buildings.


The main and the foremost troublesome task was to optimize a large amount of content and integrate it into one project. To accomplish it we created a number of plug-ins that helped to automate a number of processes such as arrangement of doors, windows, generating terrain, and improved Unreal’s standard tools in the area of ​​loading and object loading. We have also managed to significantly reduce the size of the final build thanks to the use of so-called content core of the project, in which all objects were stored. All the maps, in turn, used only links to the contents of the content core.


The team of 12 developers and 24 artists managed to successfully implement client’s tasks thanks to a clear planning and competent distribution.