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VR Experience for Marketing “Snack VR”

Impossible Engine is an American creative agency that communicates big ideas through motion. One of their clients needed something special to attract attention to its new 5G drones stand at an upcoming large exhibition. Eventually the idea of making Snack VR was born. This short and fun game was to show the advantages of snack-delivery drones running on 5G over their 4G predecessors. A visitor would use VR tools to grab food dropped by both types of drones learning about superior accuracy of those connected to a 5G network.


Having received Game Design info from Impossible Engine, our team immediately started working on the game keeping in mind tight deadlines. The task was to visualize the difference between outdated and new technologies. Our Concept Artist analyzed respective trends and suggested a solution that was quickly approved by Impossible Engine. In parallel our Game Designers came up with simple yet entertaining gameplay. The other tasks covered achieving the right game balance and creating and supporting the game server. 


After rigorous quality assurance the final version of the game was primed and ready to impress visitors of the exhibition. A couple of our developers would keep their eyes on the game server during the event even despite significant time zone difference – all to ensure seamless experience. In the end Snack VR received favourable reviews from its players.