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We offer game development and art outsourcing services of the highest quality. Our expertise covers game design, 2D and 3D art production, full stack development with Unity and Unreal Engine, and post-release support.

We work to the strengths of 2D art and design to bring the best possible work to the client as possible, without compromising on style. One of our guiding philosophies for 2D artwork is keeping everything unified in look, unless a particular piece calls for a change. We can work to a client’s proposed style, or come up with our own to suit what you give us.

We believe in organization, and following a process when it comes to all art, and 2D art is no exception. When we design 2D characters, for example, we start out with who they are, and get an idea of the desired look from the client. Building the 2D character design from the basic concepts to the eventual game assets for them is our usual method, and we keep the client informed the whole way, allowing them to input their desired changes and critiques as we go.
We believe in taking 2D art to the next level with our straightforward, bottom-up process. We work well on our own, but can fit seamlessly into a pre-existing team. We work with clients across the world, and offer our services from as small as a single asset, to complete concept art and final in-game assets.

We offer 2D art services for apps of all kinds as well. If your app needs some 2D characters or some background assets, we can handle that for you in any style you ask for. Our team has worked in all sorts of art styles for all sorts of purposes, and we can offer you that expertise for your app.

Sometimes, getting good engagement from your users is as easy as drawing their eyes to the right spot, and we design art that keeps the user engaged and which matches the existing UI, along with new UI that we could design for you.
Our 2D art team is composed of an Art Lead, a Project Manager, a Senior 2D Artist and a 2D artist, a 2D Concept Artist, and a Technical Artist. We keep our teams small and focused so that communication is easy, and bureaucracy is reduced. Our Art Lead determines the mood and style of the project and ensures everything is on the same page with the client’s desires. The Project Manager communicates with the client and manages deadlines. You’ll be
communicating with the Project Manager for the most part as our client. The Senior 2D artist and 2D artist do the actual drawing and create the assets and art for your app or game. The 2D Concept Artist lays the groundwork for the team with some simple designs that communicate the tone and mood for our team. Finally, our Technical Artist integrates the art our team makes into your game engine, ensuring everything appears as it should be, including lighting and shaders.

We hope you consider working with us for your future 2D art endeavors.

Character models, environments, you name it, we can do it. Our 3D design team can create high-fidelity models for you to use in your 3D game or app. We focus on bringing the game art that the client has in mind to reality with a consistent style. For us, giving the client what they’re looking for, and beyond, is our goal, and we use world-recognized software like Blender and 3D Max, among others, to give you the high fidelity work your game deserves.

We can work on all sorts of assets, from characters, to props, to vehicles and weapons. We focus on building long term relationships and want to create long-lasting business relationships with all of our clients. We work with passion on the projects we get.
We believe that 3D art does not need to be high-poly to be good. We can create art that ranges from low-poly backgrounds, to high-poly character models, all depending on the desires of the client. Our focus on cooperation and teamwork between the client and our team gives us a great sense of collaboration, and to us, that means everything.

Following an organized and easily understandable work process is one of our top priorities. Ensuring that both our teams, and our clients, have a road map to follow that will guide them in the process of creating 3D art has given us the well-earned reputation of being good communicators, and team workers. We can work seamlessly with an already assembled team, or work entirely on our own with just a little direction from the client.

Our team of veteran 3D artists has worked in all kinds of styles and all kinds of genres. We can create stunning 3D art for all sorts of games, as well as apps. We handle end-to-end art work, but ultimately, can also create just a few assets, or even as few as just one for you, or we can handle it all from the concepts to the final in-game assets. We leave that decision to you.
Our 3D art team is similar to our 2D art team’s construction. We have an Art Lead, a Project Manager, a Senior 3D artist and 3D artist, a 3D Concept artist, and a Technical artist. The art lead is the head of the team with the most experience in the field. They will handle the toughest of the artwork to model, and will ensure the team maintains a cohesive style. The Project Manager is the person you’ll be talking to as our client. They handle deadlines, and keeping everyone on time, as well as keeping you updated on progress. The Senior 3D artist and 3D artist do most of the modelling and create the assets for your game or app. The 3D Concept artist does the work before the other artists get started. They will create the concepts and ideas that you, the client, will approve before any work gets started. Finally, the Technical artist has the job of placing the 3D models and assets into the game or app seamlessly, and applies lighting and shaders in accordance to what is needed.

We hope you’ll consider working with us for your next 3D art project.

Beyond individual pieces of art, we at Argentics also create animations, and visual design packages. Our game art covers the range of character concepts and background work, to entire animation sets and game design conscious artwork. Whether 2D, or 3D, our team works with all sorts of game development studios to bring them the game art they need to give their game breathtaking beauty and a unique style to suit their game world, or maybe some stylized 2D characters to spice up the world.

This service would be if you have a game or app with mixtures of 2D and 3D game art, and if you need the entire game or app’s art to be created. We can handle static art, 2D characters, and animation, as well as creating game concepts and style guides for your game. One of our featured services is our technical art team, which focuses entirely on implementing already made assets into a game or app smoothly, for those clients who can handle their own art, but who have trouble implementing it.

We have a highly talented veteran team of character designers, for both 3D and 2D characters, and game designers who work together to create either 3D or 2D characters and designs that match the game well look well. We follow an organized and well-ordered process that keeps everything in order. Organization and unity in our team is a top priority for us, and we keep the client informed of our process throughout everything. We can work with a pre-established team of artists, or handle the art entirely on our own, as you, the client, request.

Our team of artists works in all kinds of videogame genres, and app styles, and they can create art for any combination of styles. We can handle the creation of an entire art concept and implement it, or handle just a few assets for you, as you see fit. Our team of technical artists can masterfully ensure that assets outside the game or app will fit into their respective places smoothly and naturally.

Our game art team is similar to our other art teams, but features a Game Designer, who ensures the art matches the game’s art style and mechanics. Along with the Game Designer, we have an Art Lead, a Project Manager, a team of concept artists, a team of 2D and 3D artists and finally, a team of technical artists. The art lead handles the toughest of the work the team has on its plate, and ensures the team works together to create a stylistically unified and consistent art design. Our Project Manager is the person you’ll be talking to, as our client. They ensure timelines are kept, deadlines are met, and that you are happy with the work we make as we make it. Our team of concept artists creates the concept art before our other artists get started on final assets, and makes sure that our artists have lots to work with. Our team of 2D and 3D artists handles the majority of the artwork and creates the final assets before our technical artists get their hands on it. The final step for the game art team is for the technical artist to implement the lighting and shaders for all the final assets so that they fit into the world smoothly. They ensure there are no graphical glitches or issues with the game or app engine and the art.

We hope you’ll consider working with our expert game art team.

We can handle end-to-end game development on projects ranging from the AAA size, to smaller indie gaming. We handle the creation of the game from the cradle to the grave, including pre-development design documents, art assets, animation, and post-release maintenance. We are geared towards developers with limited experience looking for industry veterans to bring their ideas to life. If you do have some experience, we also offer co-development for your projects, and can work seamlessly with you and your team.

Our game development teams handle the art, the design, the programming and just about everything needed to create an amazing video game. All we ask from you is the idea, and the spark of creativity to give us a direction. We have teams of veteran game developers who can create any manner of games in any manner of sizes. Some of our past projects have been as massive as the AAA sector, and others as small as a mobile runner game, and we treat all sizes of projects equally.

We believe in an organized and well-ordered process that involves the client from day one. We keep you informed of our team’s progress and their intended direction the entire way, keeping your interests in mind. We seek long term relationships in the industry, and want to see your work succeed both financially, and creatively on the market. We offer complete end-to-end development, as well as cooperative work alongside your team if you have one. We are willing to handle as little as 1% of the work, or as much as 100% depending on what you need from us.

We have teams of game developers, animators, designers and artists that have worked in all genres across all platforms. Our team can work in any style you need, and even in a mix of style, without losing focus. We believe in working with the client to create a unified style while maintaining high-fidelity graphics that are sure to please any gamer. We feature a robust team of technical artists and developers who can implement ideas and assets into a game world seamlessly, and they work closely with our designers and leads to ensure everything goes from theory to application smoothly.

Our Game development teams are composed a Game Designer, a Project Manager, a Producer, an Art Lead, a Tech Lead, and a Concept Artist, along with a plethora of animators, artists and developers. The Game Designer is a pivotal role which ensures that the ideas and mechanics are transferred from ideas into actual game assets and mechanics smoothly. They are highly experienced and lead the team creatively. The Project Manager is your connection to our team. They ensure deadlines are met and samples are ready, as well as relaying your wishes to our team so that we can best bring them to fruition. The Producer handles the game’s success on the market, and unifies the team’s vision in general. They will examine gaming trends and analyze data so that what we’re making for you has the best chance of success. The Art Lead handles the heavy lifting of the art assets, and keeps a unified art team, ensuring style is consistent. The Tech Lead ensures that art assets fit into the game engine properly, and handles translation of the artists’ work into the game world. The Concept Artists handle the designs and style before final assets are made, to ensure that the game has a unified look, and also provides designs to the client before the artists begin work to ensure you’re happy.

We hope you consider working with our game development team.

The latest technological impact of Alternate Reality and Virtual Reality on game development has not passed by us. Our team is trained to work with all the newest technology, and we focus on end-to-end virtual reality and augmented reality projects. We can handle all your needs whether for an educational app, a video game or help with further brand engagement. We also offer co-development work alongside your team, and we can work seamlessly with teams across continents.
We offer both augmented and virtual reality services ranging from end-to-end development, to the creation of a few assets fit for those platforms, depending on what you need. Our teams have experience across all Augmented reality and Virtual reality platforms. We would handle the entire process from design, to implementation, or we could handle just one part of the process, according to your needs.

Our augmented reality and virtual reality teams’ organization skills are unparalleled, and we keep our team oriented and unified. We delegate tasks to our team members so that everyone has a job, and we keep you, the client, up to date on what we’re doing at all times. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients, and work to keep your interests above all, and do our best to make a financially and creatively successful product for you.

We offer our services for gaming, education, and general brand engagement purposes through our talented and experienced team of developers and artists. Our cooperative style keeps you engaged with our process at every step, so that you can know what we’re doing. If you have no experience in VR or AR, we will do everything we can to keep you up to speed, and if you do have experience, we will show you everything you’d like to see.

We use modern augmented reality and virtual reality technology and have teams that are up to date on just about every hardware and software on the market so that we can create an app or game that suits all platforms. We focus on newer technology so that we can ensure your product is trendy and up to industry standards.
Our augmented reality and virtual reality teams are composed of a Project Manager, a team of artists and animators, a team of developers, and a concept artist team. The project manager keeps you up to date on everything we’re doing, and ensures deadlines are met while keeping the team unified and cohesive. Our artists and animators handle the visual aspect of the development, creating the assets you’ll see in your game or app, as well as handling integration of that art into the final product. Our developers handle the technology and programming, and also work to make the art assets fit nicely into the final product. Our concept artists handle the initial designs and ideas, focusing on a unified style that guides the artists towards creating a stylistic final product.

We hope you consider working with us for your Augmented reality or Virtual reality project.

Modern apps and games depend on a readable and approachable user interface and experience. We offer specified services for the creation of satisfying interfaces for all sorts of apps and all sorts of demographics. Whoever your designs are meant for, our studio offers innovative and stylistic interfaces to keep you and your users connected. We work with industry veterans with user-oriented mindsets to blur the line between device and app.

Sometimes, simple is best, and our philosophy with UI and UX design is that the user should barely notice the interface. The less the user notices the interface, the more they notice your game or app. We will follow the design and style your game or app already features, and do our best to stay unified with it while we design a seamless and easy to use interface. We focus on the user experience most of all when it comes to UI and UX, hoping to bridge the gap between user and product with as little interference as possible. We also take the style and desires of the client into account to create the most satisfying and easy to use interface we can bring to you.

We work either independently, or cooperatively with your team depending on what your needs are. We work with teams across the continent, and can integrate seamlessly into your team so that they have the support they need, or act as an independent group to complete what you need. Our priority is on long term relationships with our clients, and we prioritize the success of your product both financially and creatively. At Argentics, long term work and partnerships are our wheelhouse.

Our UI and UX teams are composed of artists and developers who work together to bring a beautiful design to your product. By keeping our team unified under a style, and having a strong sense of leadership within our teams’ branches, we ensure that everyone knows what they’re doing and are organized. Our project manager will keep you updated on what’s going on, and ensure you are never kept in the dark about our process.

The key members of our team are the Project Manager, the Artists, the Developers, and the Concept Artists. The project manager keeps you informed and ensures deadlines are met, while keeping the team cohesive. The artists create the actual assets, whether 2D or 3D, and work to implement them into the final product. They work closely with the developers, who implement them into the engine effectively, including lighting and shaders. The developers do the coding and maintenance for UI and UX pieces, and ensure everything fits in where it should, as well as working with the artists to ensure it all moves and interacts with the user smoothly. The concept artists create the initial designs and ideas that the client will see before actual work begins, as well as setting the tone and style for future work.

We hope you’ll consider working with us for your UI and UX design projects.

Our artists are ready to design a joyful 2D character or a concept art of a gloomy castle.
We have veteran 3D artists and modellers who create breathtaking game art.
Our team creates catchy visuals and animations for various game genres and platforms.
We offer top-notch end-to-end game development services for all major platforms.
Our team has solid hands-on experience creating engaging Immersive Reality apps.
Argentics offers premium UI-UX design services for games and gamified applications.


We make everything with passion and love

We offer end-to-end game development and game art creation services following best practices and the top game industry trends. Our game artists and developers have vast experience that allows us to help both world renown gaming companies and indie studios.

May you need an A to Z bespoke game development of any genre for any major platform, or should you require help with catchy game art, our team of industry veterans is primed and ready to ensure that numerous players all over the world will enjoy your title.


With years of game development under our belt, we offer services to studios of all sizes ranging from a few art assets to full on end-to-end game development. We have a passion for game design, and only take on work that we can get ourselves invested in. This way, we ensure that you get the quality your project deserves.
We love gaming, and we love development. Seeing a project that starts from humble beginnings and watching it reach great heights is one of our greatest pleasures.

Working with AAA companies and working with indie companies has given us perspective. We believe in humility and letting the client guide us, while providing our own feedback and advice when we feel it appropriate. We are not elitists, nor are we yesmen. Our goal is create something beautiful and profitable, just like your goal.

Our artists and programmers work together to create stylistically unified, and purposeful work, and we have experts in both 2D art and 3D art. In recent years, we’ve even begun offering services in virtual reality and in augmented reality, using the newest tools.

We have a passion for accessible UI design as well, with a team that has spent years ensuring the player is placed first when UX is in mind. We believe that the line between game and player should be as thin as possible, and a well-made UI makes that real.

Our game development teams are experienced, and have worked with AAA companies, as well as smaller indie companies. We treat all clients with the highest priority, and will always focus on bringing you the product you want and deserve. Our process focuses on team work and building long-term relationships with our clients. We look forward to working with you.

We run a blog about topics we love in gaming. Feel free to have a read of some of our publications, which we use to showcase our company’s current interests in the field. We discuss all kinds of topics related to gaming and development, including game art, game design and technology. Some of our favorite topics include 2D art design, VR technology, and opinions on development outsourcing. We love to showcase our love of gaming and technology via this blog, and we hope you enjoy reading them.


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