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Apex Legends Successful Game Design Solutions

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Respawn has announced the opening of its third studio due to the ongoing popularity of Apex Legends.

Respawn Entertainment was originally founded by former Call of Duty developers in 2014, debuting with the military sci-fi shooter Titanfall and later working on the Star Wars Jedi series. However, it is best known for Apex Legends, a battle royale game that began as a spin-off of Titanfall. With its beloved characters and fantastic gunplay, Apex Legends has quickly become one of the most popular Hero Shooters and Battle Royales available. Despite its growth in popularity and content since its release, it may be a little challenging to get into.

This article will provide an overview of game design features from Argentics that make Apex Legends so popular and admirable.


top game art outsourcing companies, Argentics art development
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Developer: Respawn
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Released: February 4, 2019
MSRP: Free-to-play

Key Characteristics
Apex Legends, a free-to-play first-person battle royale-hero shooter game, was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It was originally released for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One in February 2019, followed by the Nintendo Switch in March 2021, and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in March 2022. The game's rapid gameplay, diverse characters, and unique mechanics have made it incredibly popular, with a thriving esports scene emerging around it.

What sets Apex Legends apart from other shooters is the individuality of its heroes and the ever-changing world they inhabit. This has fostered a strong sense of community among players, from major esports competitions to local contests. While the game mechanics may not be entirely innovative, they do build upon and enhance existing elements of the battle royale genre. Apex Legends' hero-shooter approach and emphasis on squad-focused gameplay, with each character possessing unique abilities, distinguish it from other games in the same category.

Features That Make Apex Legends So Good

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After seeing other battle royale games released in unfinished states, Respawn's confident approach to the genre has revitalized players' enthusiasm. While it needs consistent updates to stay exciting, Apex Legends is an outstanding example of the genre. It's free, fun, and offers the best battle royale experience available today for several reasons.

Game’s Lore. The game's lore adds depth, richness, and context to the game world. As well it enhances the overall gameplay experience by providing players with a greater sense of purpose and direction. Apex Legends focus on the stories of Legends who compete in the popular Apex Games for money, fame, and glory. Initially hosted on Kings Canyon, the arena was used for 124 seasons until Crypto's attack on the Repulsor Tower allowed wildlife to invade and devastate the arena. The Syndicate suspended the games to modify the arena and contain the wildlife and later relocated them to World's Edge on the planet Talos.

Battle Royale Revolution. Apex Legends revolutionizes the Battle Royale genre by introducing numerous innovative features, such as the respawn system, pinging system, jumpmaster system, and more. The game takes significant strides forward compared to its genre counterparts and makes them feel outdated in comparison. Whether it's zip lines or care packages, Apex Legends brings in a plethora of new ideas that set it apart from the rest.

Fast-Paced Gameplay. Apex Legends has mastered the balance between flow and friction, a crucial aspect of game design. The game's smooth dashes and jumps create a frictionless experience for players, as they can easily pass through terrain and slide down slopes seamlessly. The transition from a dash to a jump feels both tactile and natural, a level of attention to detail that other game developers often overlook. Apex Legends has fully embraced the importance of fluid movement, and the maps are specifically designed to promote this type of gameplay. At the same time, Apex Legends is a highly complex and fast-paced battle royale shooter that even experienced players may find challenging.
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Legends Approach. Apex Legends introduces new characters on a regular basis, each bringing unique abilities and playstyles to the battle royale experience. With 17 Legends currently available, players have a wide range of options to choose from. Every Legend has three distinct abilities: a Passive ability that is always active, a Tactical ability with a short cooldown, and an Ultimate ability that takes longer to charge up. Each Legend is also categorized into one of five distinct classes: Assault, Controller, Recon, Skirmisher, and Support. Having a mix of these classes can help balance a team's gameplay style. What sets Apex Legends apart from other battle royale games is the in-depth background story for each Legend, complete with relationships, enemies, and goals. These Legends are more than just plain game characters.

Three-Person Squads. One way in which Apex Legends distinguishes itself from other Battle Royales is by opting for three-person squads instead of four. This puts pressure on every player to perform and improve alongside their teammates, as there's no room for being carried by others. The game offers little to no luck factor, and players receive what they earn. Respawn has announced that it is replacing the previous Skill-Based Matchmaking system with a new one that will more precisely group players according to their skill level. In the past, the matchmaking system divided players into four distinct skill brackets, including one for new players. The new system, which is described as "more granular," will have "many more brackets," allowing the matching algorithm to make better decisions when placing players into matches, both for public games and ranked matches.
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Ping System. Communication between players is essential in multiplayer games as it allows players to plan strategies, coordinate attacks, and work together towards common goals. Effective communication can facilitate this process and make playing the game a more enjoyable experience. At launch, Apex introduced a revolutionary contextual ping system that has only become more robust over time. This unique system allows players to communicate with their team in detail without using voice chat by pointing out items, threats, and anything else with just the press of a button. The system has remarkable accuracy and can translate players' intentions into spoken feedback for the team. Even if players choose to use voice chat, the ping system can enhance their communication by providing more precise information about the location of enemies or where they plan to move.

Complex Level Desing. Apex Legends is designed to encourage movement and has masterfully balanced its environment to ensure players are constantly engaged. Players can climb up vertical surfaces and use conveniently placed grip points on tall objects to gain momentum and keep the action flowing. The terrain in Apex Legends' maps is carefully crafted to provide players with strategic advantages. The topography and architecture work together to create thrilling combat scenarios, with playgrounds, choke points, and risky areas scattered throughout the maps. Each element of the terrain serves a purpose, allowing players to outflank opponents or make a quick escape. Safe havens are also available to avoid incoming storms. With such a wide range of options, players are sure to stay engaged and entertained throughout the game.

Modes. Apex Legends offers various modes beyond the classic Battle Royale, including Limited-Time-Modes introduced during seasonal events and eight permanent modes. These permanent modes include Training, Firing Range, Battle Royale in both Trios and Duos, Ranked Leagues, and Mixtape (Control, Gun Run, and Team Deathmatch).
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  • In Training mode, players learn basic skills and revive techniques before accessing other modes.
  • Firing Range mode allows players to test weapons and practice aim.
  • Battle Royale is the core mode, with players battling it out on four different maps.
  • The Arena is a PVP mode where players accumulate points to buy new equipment over rounds.
  • Ranked Battle Royale and Ranked Arenas use the same rules as their non-ranked counterparts but with a point-based ranking system.
  • Team Deathmatch is a game mode where two teams of six players battle it out to score points by eliminating their opponents. The first team to score 50 points wins the match.
  • Control is the mode where two teams of nine players compete to capture and hold control points located on the map. This mode allows infinite respawns, allowing the action to continue without interruption.
  • Gun Run is a unique game mode where four squads battle it out to be the first to ascend through a track of 25 weapons by landing kills. Players must be strategic and tactical as they aim to claim victory by landing a throwing knife kill.


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Respawn Entertainment showcased tremendous courage and innovation by introducing brand-new gaming experiences to the players. The Apex Legends' high-quality design, intricacy, and complexity demonstrate their dedication to creating an exceptional gameplay experience. The introduction of novel features such as respawn system, zip lines, pinging system, and jumpmaster system broke new ground in the battle royale genre, adding depth and dimension to the game. The developers' commitment to excellence paid off, as players responded positively, praising the game for its innovative features and exciting gameplay. It is a testament to the developers' vision and expertise that Apex Legends has become one of the most beloved and popular games in the world of gaming.

However, Apex Legends has some issues, including a lack of visual distinction from other FPS games and a need for a ranked mode that penalizes mid-match leavers. Despite these flaws, Apex Legends offers a satisfying gameplay experience that rewards both shooting skills and creative tactics.

Playing with friends and experimenting with different Legend abilities in search of a Champion victory screen is both thrilling and easy to approach. The game's constant updates keep gunplay fresh and exciting, and every match, regardless of mode or map, feels unique. With a large arsenal of excellent weapons and Legend abilities, experimenting with friends is always fun. Though occasional audio and server issues can be frustrating, some players may find themselves spending hours queuing up for "just one more game."
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