Big VR combat simulator

A colossal realistic immersive combat simulator with over a dozen maps that have a combined area of 75 square miles.

VR simulators proved to be very effective training tools. For instance, some police departments in the US use Immersive Reality headsets to improve team coordination in dangerous situations. So it was not a surprise that the Client from the Military sector also wanted to make use of the new technology.

The goal was to create dozens of realistic guns, vehicles, buildings, characters and of course a number of levels - all to practice tactical operations.
This was quite a challenging task for a few reasons. First and foremost, the deadline was really tight. Also our team had access to somewhat limited project information. Additionally, we had to do the majority of development using remote hardware which affected teamwork to some extent.

In order to create numerous 3D assets and maps, we had to to quickly scale-up our art department by hiring around 100 modellers. Of course it was not an easy task to select and onboard such a large number of people. Needles to say, they all had to get on the same page with the key crew ASAP. Seasoned Art Leads were the right answer to this challenge.

Level design was another time consuming piece of work. Although we had very clear directions for each map, their average size of several square mile was impressive. On the other hand, working on realistic guns was a real pleasure!
Our team completed the project on time. We delivered 12 highly detailed maps with the combined area of 75 square miles, a few dozen of realistic weapons, animated characters and vehicles etc. - all properly textured and optimized for seamless VR experience.
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