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exciting thing happening in Blockchain Game Development: Graviton Zero

Graviton Zero is one of the most exciting crypto games in blockchain game development. It is a forthcoming Blockchain MMO powered sci-fi game designed to become a play-to-earn mix of Eve Online and Star Citizen.

Developed by Graviton studio and Argentics, this game promises to revolutionize the gaming scene. Think of all the traditional video games you grew up playing! Now, what if we tell you that this game will make you never play those video games ever again!

Want to know why? Well, keep reading to find out more about GZ!

Note: Throughout this article, we’ll use GZ for Gravitation Zero

What Is A Blockchain Game Development?

Blockchain games, which are also sometimes referred to as NFT games or crypto games, are video games that employ the use of blockchain technologies built on cryptography. The premise in blockchain game development is that players can use cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to sell, purchase, or trade with other players.

If you wonder how this helps the game publisher and developers, the simple answer is that they earn a small fee every time a transaction occurs in the game. This is one way of monetization in a blockchain based game. These games are quite profitable as some players rely on these games for a solid income. A few players have earned enough money to cover their debt, leases, living cost, etc.

Keeping in mind how these crypto games help people earn, they have recently achieved the reputation of play-to-earn games. To be honest, these games were being developed as early as 2017. However, it was not until 2021 that these games started gaining traction in the video game industry. Especially after a few AAA publishers relayed their strong interest in analyzing the blockchain game development and its tremendous potential.

Since then, there has been a drastic advancement in this sector of the video gaming industry.

How Are Blockchain Games Different From Other Multi-Player Video Games?

With time, blockchain gaming is growing in popularity. While that aspect is exciting, we need to equip ourselves with tools to distinguish between these games and conventional video games. Interestingly, most people think the only difference between them is the platforms that do or do not accept bitcoins to carry transactions.

The truth is that blockchains games' internal functions operate in an altogether different way than traditional video games. Here are some aspects of these games that are different from other classic Multi-Player video games:

Ownership of Game Assets

Think about your favorite video game on Xbox One or PS4. Now, think if you ever had the opportunity to keep the in-game items with you forever. No, right? That seems bizarre. However, interestingly, the things you earn in a blockchain game are yours and stay with you.

You have the ownership of every assent you've won, gathered, bought, or kept in your virtual wallet. This feature in blockchain games guarantees that players don't lose any of their in-game items, especially in case of a game crash or account suspension in the middle of the match.

Let's assume you lost your internet connection or your windows crashed during an exciting CryptoFights battle to elaborate upon this point. Now, whenever you get the chance to resume playing, you will have all your weapons. Similarly, even if your account is suspended, you will be able to trade assets. Moreover, blockchain gaming allows you to follow all transactions from buys to trades.


Remember GTA and FIFA? Well, crypto games are eons apart from them— all because of decentralization. Unlike traditional video games that most of us grew up playing, decentralized gaming can follow and scrutinize every action you take and the actions of other players.

In blockchain game development, this feature of decentralization leads to freedom. As a result, most game developers have admitted that they have the independence to create creative ecosystems that more and more gamers will enjoy and feel secure while playing.

Easy Access To Past Games

If you're a gamer, you probably know the anxiety that comes with the fear of losing it all. In decentralized gaming, this fear is reduced due to permanent storage — something that centralized conventional video games can't enjoy.

Data from the game finds its way to the blockchain's archive, where the data is permanently stored. Games that have been stockpiled can be played on Twitch at any given time, allowing game replays. This feature has helped thousands of players improve their gaming techniques and learn from their mistakes.

Transparent Nature of the Game

Playing video games is all fun and games, but have your mind ever forced you to imagine what goes behind the screen in these games? Well, if it has, you probably know how agonizing it is not to find answers.

However, blockchain development ensures transparency, leading to Tom, Dick, and Harry seeing what is at the back end of these games. This transparency includes the option of having access to the past games— thanks to the permanent storage. This transparency gives a boost of confidence to the players and the developers.

Now, the players don't have to feel that their hours spent on the game have gone to waste. Instead, they can quickly revisit every move and decision made by them, other players, or the developers to avoid making the same mistakes again. This feature leads to greater confidence, collaboration, and unlimited opportunities to improve decentralized gaming.

What is GZ?

GZ is developed by the Graviton Studio, the latest studio in the game, striving to advance blockchain games in the crypto gaming industry.

Gameplay Markers

The gaming world of GZ has been curated with utmost attention to detail. This fantastic world ensures that the players get the most immersive experience. The plan will yield the most unique and never-seen-before PvP and PvE metaverse experience. Your skills and ability to steer through the game will determine the final result of the battle!

This game is powered by an unreal engine, probably the best real-time 3D creation platform in the contemporary gaming scene.

GZ is an all-time immersive game that will allow you to compete with your friends and destroy your enemy in a winsome array of game modes. The storyline and the gaming world have been designed so that thrill is promised, action is guaranteed, and you might end up being obsessed for days.

GZ Features
  • Cross-platform Multiplayer
  • Free To Play, which can lead to earning
  • Simple Crafting system
  • Gameplay based on skills
  • NFT P2P Market and Rental system

Organization System

Organizations are a collection of resources that allow computational agents to come together and use their combined aids to earn more value to dominate NEMENIS, including bonus $GRAV, end-of-season guild rewards, unlimited discounts.

However, it is essential to note that only the holders of the land NFTs will have the opportunity to form organizations. Once they succeed, they will be allowed to become leaders of up to 100 members max.

Land and Metaverse Gameplay

Nemeni is categorized into tokenized plots of land. These lands in the game serve as homes or the bases of operation. The fun part is that the new release can easily upgrade these plots with time if you have the resources and crafting ingredients collected while playing the game.

Upcoming Features

The team of GZ has been working tirelessly to make the most exciting features based on advanced technology to take the game to the next level. Following are some of the upcoming features:

Genesis One Land Release

Genesis one land release is the first of the NFT land series. As a result, whoever will get to play the Genesis one plot will get the advantage of getting unique benefits reserved for the first few adopters.

UAT/Strigaal Ship Release

Strigaal ships are already creating a buzz on the internet. These VOID touched Strigaal Ships are curated with advanced concepts and cool storyline ideas. These Strigaal ships will also have unique advantages for the first few pilots.

NFT Mining and Pooling

The ability to pool NFT and mine for new ones is the most exciting part about GZ. The chance to earn new NFT rewards will be released soon.

GRAV Token, Planet Mining

GRAV token will be the currency and center of Graviton Zero's economy. Soon, the feature will be released that will allow the players to post and mine GRAV on different planets and stations.

Game Release

GZ will be released soon. The plan is to present every NFT and asset as an item in the game. The new release will soon initiate the battle for Nemani and the FLow of GRAV.

The Bottom Line

Crypto games are making serious advancements in the gaming industry. The inclusivity of the storylines and the transparency of the process lure many new players to join this domain of the video gaming scene.

So, whether you are a beginner-level gamer or if you've been following these games for a while, it is time for you to look at GZ.

Why? Because it's the most exciting upcoming game right now!

Remember, you're not just playing since there are ample opportunities to earn assets and NFTs.

Stay updated with all the latest news and gossip about GZ on their Twitter and ours.

Until next time!
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