AR app for retail

We designed and developed an engaging AR-flavoured application for a large Food company
A large national brand Kernel that owns the 'Schedriy Dar' sunflower oil brand needed a creative way to educate its customers on health benefits from consuming sunflower oil. There was an option to use traditional communication channels like TV ads or social network posts. But instead the Client opted to try creating an engaging mobile application. Argentics won the contest to brainstorm and develop the solution.
Our team had to build the entire app concept around fun. So telling a boring 'scientific' story about vitamins was a no-way. And so we came up with the idea to 'personify' them by creating cartoony joyful characters. The entire application would then revolve around these anthropomorphic little buddies. Our Client liked the concept art, so we could move on.

Leveraging expertise in game development, our team offered a few gamification ideas, including AR-enabled interactions with branded goods, mini-games and other engagement mechanics. Once the list was approved by Kernel, we started working on a colourful and intuitive UI/UX.

Of course we couldn't help adding a bonus system that would reward the most active app users. They would have a chance to win branded gifts and unlock new mini-game levels and additional app features like the jukebox.
The application was published on Google Play in early 2021 earning positive reviews from its users. But what was more important, the Client could stand out in the crowd of competitors by offering its customers a unique and entertaining experience.

We plan to present the app at several national and international ad festivals.
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