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Top 10 game development outsourcing companies guide

We picked top game development outsourcing companies for your review. You will find the right game outsourcing partner for your needs.

Top game development outsourcing companies in 2024

Outsourcing in gamedev can be a big problem-solver and a tool to make hefty profits. You simply delegate an entire or most critical part of your project to an external team of developers and wait for the magic to happen. It might look a bit oversimplified, of course. In reality, you need to control and track a lot of things, but with a reliable game outsourcing company in your corner, it will be a much easier journey. So today, let’s look through the list of reputable game development outsourcing studios.

Game development service providers at a glance

Some studios focus on particular game development aspects, while others offer a complete range of services. Depending on your current coding or game art production needs, you should select a company with the right approach and staff available. Don’t throw large-scale AAA projects at companies with small crews, as they might not be able to finish them in time. Also, a big game production studio will unlikely want to deal with modeling only a couple of characters.

You may try to split your project into multiple fragments and outsource most of them to different studios. Before doing so, consider all the accompanying operational repercussions. After all, those several teams will not only have to share and discuss updates with you regularly, but also all get on the same page with regards to numerous project aspects. If you split duties between people scattered all over the globe, the time zone difference might become the final nail in the coffin.

So choose a game development studio that can cover all your production needs. In most cases, you will need some or all of the below experts:
  • Developers (gameplay, mechanics, UI, back-end, etc.);
  • Game designers (system designers, technical, game writers, UI specialists, etc.);
  • Artists (animators, 2D/3D character artists, environment artists, prop makers, etc.).
A client-oriented company will advise you on the right number of people and respective time and budget to get things done.

Top game development companies to work within 2024

Each organization has its distinctive corporate culture, philosophy, and vision. Some assign their staff to work on multiple projects simultaneously; the others would instead focus all efforts on the A to Z development of a couple of games at a time. It’s better to look for the second type for studios that have a strong passion for creating the best products.

Game development is a long and complex journey that, at times, involves making tough decisions. The partner of your choosing must be proactive, open, and experienced in every critical aspect of the craft. Here we have the list of Top recognized gamedev outsourcing studios.


Main services: PC, mobile, and console game development, game art production, game design documentation, blockchain game development, AR/VR game development
Client focus: small business (25%), midmarket (50%), enterprise (25%)
Staff: 100-250 specialists

Argentics is a team of seasoned and well-versed game development outsourcing experts. These guys will gladly hear your idea, convey it into a comprehensive game design document, come up with the most suitable art style, and recommend key design elements that can transform a good concept into a great one. Consultations on the tech stack and the best ways of implementation are available by default.

Argentics will cover all your needs for end-to-end game development, ranging from concept game art to modeling, tech art, animation, coding, and post-release support both for casual and AAA titles alike.

The studio acts proactively and builds mutually-beneficial relations with its clients, fostering transparency at each step, which helps to ensure that the product matches the highest expectations. The company’s portfolio covers desktop and mobile games, including titles that use Blockchain technology, for example, TryHards 3D, Galactic Fighters League and Pandorah.io.

Juego Studios

Main services: app development, AR/VR development, UX/UI design
Client focus: small business (40%), midmarket (30%), enterprise (30%)
Staff: 100-250 specialists

Juego Studios is a game development company from India that focuses mainly on mobile projects (not just games) and actively popularizes augmented and virtual reality apps. Their expertise is proven by years of experience across all platforms: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows + Windows Phone. The company started with a small team of talented developers and today has become a powerful brand in the outsourcing market with more than 200 employees. Juego Studios has offices in different countries, including the UK and the US. Up to this date, the company has released more than 220 projects and has 80+ clients on a permanent basis.

Chromatic Games

Main services: game development
Client focus: small business (40%), midmarket (30%), enterprise (30%)
Staff: 50+ specialists

Chromatic Games is a very unique case of a game development company (compared to others on this list). It is an independent studio 100% owned by its employees. When game creators live and breathe their projects, you get high-quality titles like Dungeon Defenders, which has become a commercial success with more than 10M copies sold in total.

You can outsource these guys almost anything on any platform (and multiplatform as well). Even hardcore multiplayer games for any device of your choice. The studio chose to specialize exclusively in the gaming industry, so don’t expect them to build something unrelated to it, though.


Main services: blockchain, mobile app development, custom software development
Client focus: small business (40%), midmarket (40%), enterprise (20%)
Staff: 50-250 specialists

Meet Superman of outsourcing development that can do anything: apps, 2D/3D games, custom software, blockchain projects, and more! More than 12 years in the very competitive market made Cubix a respectable company that chews on the most complex projects with ease. Whether you need a reliable business analytics system for your project, would like to integrate sophisticated custom AI with machine learning, or need a simple web/mobile game app – Cubix will find the most effective solution. The company works quite effectively with startups, indie developers, and other gamedev studios.


Main services: mobile app development, AR/VR development, artificial intelligence
Client focus: small business (60%), midmarket (30%), enterprise (10%)
Staff: 50-250 specialists

Unlike the previous studio, Quytech is oriented towards small businesses instead of enterprises and effectively works with startups and indie developers. A decade on the market, multiple awards for mobile app development, and dozens of satisfied clients in the portfolio. That is Quytech in one sentence. We also want to point out that these guys are big fans of modern industry trends and know how to make impeccable UI/UX designs. Quytech’s approach to development is individual in each case – from picking the right tech stack for the expected results within the set budget to discovering new potential ways to improve your game and support it after the release.

N-IX Game & VR Studio

Main services: mobile app/game development, AR/VR development
Client focus: small business (30%), midmarket (50%), enterprise (20%)
Staff: 100+ specialists

This Ukrainian company is one of the oldest gamedev studios in the country. It provides outsourcing services for creating 2D/3D art, animation, and VFX. It also knows its way around VR/AR technology. Full-cycle game development is also possible with N-IX – mobile, desktop, or console – pick what you need. The studio gladly takes on simple casual titles as well as big complex games, creating stunning visual effects, gorgeous UI, mind-blowing cinematics, etc.

N-IX is known to be a partner of many established game studios such as Wargaming and Paradox Interactive. They contributed to various AAA titles, including World of Tanks, Crusader Kings III, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contacts 2, Stellaris, and others.

Room 8 Studio

Main services: game development, AR/VR development
Client focus: small business (20%), midmarket (20%), enterprise (60%)
Stuff: 800+ specialists

For the final accord, we have prepared true gamedev leviathans. Room 8 Studio has an enormous employee count that exceeds 800 coders, artists, designers, and QA engineers. So you can be sure that these guys will have no problems dealing with any project from scratch or lend you a hand with expertise in any department. Modeling, animating, level design – you name it!

This flexibility and readiness to take on any challenge made Room 8 Studio the go-to outsourcing company for top game development companies like Ubisoft, Wargaming, and Gameloft. If you played World of Tanks, Fall Guys, or Control, then you should know that these games feature assets created by Room 8 Studio,


Main services: game development
Client focus: small business (20%), midmarket (20%), enterprise (60%)
Stuff: 2000+ specialists

This studio from Singapore has been doing its job exceptionally well for 18 years and has accumulated an insane number of talented employees under its wing – more than two thousand! These facts alone practically scream that you are dealing with an industry titan. Besides Asia, Virtuos has offices in Europe and North America. Their main specialty is providing support to other game developers and producing art, cinematics, visual effects, designs (character, environment, vehicles, props, etc.), illustrations, and more. Literally, anything can be done with such production capacities.

Among the projects Virtuos specialists worked on, you can find a lot of AAA titles, including Assassin’s Creed and Final Fantasy. Among their employers are some of the best game developers like Activision Blizzard and Arkane Studios.

Innovex Gaming

Main services: mobile app/game development, AR/VR development, custom software development
Client focus: small business (30%), midmarket (60%), enterprise (10%)
Staff: 100+ specialists

This studio specializes in 2D and 3D art, concept art, and animation. Moreover, recently they started moving into the AR/VR niche and testing new NFT and blockchain technologies. In seven years, the company has successfully released 200+ projects. Feedback from their clients emphasizes a few key points that make this studio worth your attention: absolute work transparency, full responsibility for the game development process, and a client-oriented approach.

3D Ace

Main services: game art production, game design
Client focus: small business (20%), midmarket (40%), enterprise (40%)
Staff: 50-250 specialists

3D Ace is a well-known art studio that focuses primarily on producing art for games/apps and prefers working with enterprise-level employers. They have enough employees to take on individual tasks and parts of bigger projects that require lots of specialists. Developers from Kevuru will gladly create animation for your models or help with game art outsourcing when your in-house artists are overwhelmed. With more than a decade in the industry, 3D Ace can be a reliable art provider for games and projects of any complexity.

Advantages of working with Argentics

When you reach out to a game development outsourcing studio, pay attention to their communication style and look for genuine chemistry and a relevant portfolio. This will help you find just the right partner for your game project.

With Argentics game studio, you will have support at each stage of game development, from a game concept, through effective production to post-release support. Contact us, and we’ll make your project nail it!
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