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Learn the process of iOS Game Development

App Store is one of the major marketplaces for mobiles games. It beats Google Play in terms of revenue generated by apps, something which makes it a desired platform for top-notch games.

Building a profitable and good gaming apps requires a skilled team of developers to help you bring the vision to life. Want to know how iOS game development works? Keep reading to find out.

Mobile Gaming

According to stats, mobile gamers have spent over $20 billion in Q1 of 2022. This shows that mobile gaming is a profitable and beneficial niche. The growing player base pushes many studios and startups towards iOS game development.

A good game can help the producers make millions by monetizing it in the app store. So what is the essential requirement to launch your game on the app? Well, partnering with a skilled game development team is the first step.

An experienced team will bring your vision to life and help you generate revenue through the app store.

Keep on reading to learn the fundamentals behind iOS game development.

What does it take to make an excellent mobile game?

A game development process is long and requires much effort and creativity as it takes from months to even years to make one. Not every game app will be successful, and understanding the market dynamics is imperative for creating a popular mobile game.

Mobile game development is done in four phases, i.e., pre-production, production, launch, and post-production. Here's how to develop and create an Android or iOS game for your audience.


Pre-production is the initial stage of iOS game development. It is imperative as the planning phase will affect all the other stages of creating a good game. Then, the managers and owners can brainstorm the ideas and vision behind the game and lay a proper framework for progress.

a. Market Study
A market study is essential to know what's trending in the gaming world. In addition, it will help producers understand what gamers are being played and loved by the fans.
Do you want to make a game for a specific niche audience? Niching down can help producers create something for a dedicated group of fans to appeal to a particular audience.

b. Identify Target Audience
Is your game targeted toward the younger generation, or is it for elders? Identifying the target audience will aid in iOS game development and help the team create something that'll attract the said players.
For example, if you're targeting young adults, it'll be wise to include graphics and colors that appeal to the younger audience.

c. Monetization Plan
Monetization plans are essential as every developer aims to profit from a game. So deciding on an in-app purchase, running ads, or offering a one-time subscription fee is essential. You can also decide the platform for your iOS game, like the app store, etc.


The production phase is undoubtedly an essential part of iOS game development as this is where the plans will materialize. It is also the longest and most tiring process out of all the steps. Here's what to expect from the production phase of iOS game development.

a. Game Development Team
A skilled development team is the first step in the production phase. They will help create a game that is liked and enjoyed by the target audience. Additionally, the iOS game development team will ensure that the result is fantastic.
Game development is not for newbies or amateurs. A skilled and experienced team is vital to creating a good game.

b. Game design
Once you partner with a development team, they will apply design and aesthetics to create the application. The game-designing process will include creating characters, plot, layout, and design.
The last step in development is coding. The team of developers will write hundreds of codes to bring everything together. You can then test the beta version and make the final changes at this stage.


The launch is the most fun and anticipated of iOS game development. Once you release the game to the general audience, the development team will work to make things smooth.

Launching is not the end of game development; instead, the team will continuously work to improve things and improve the game.


Post-production is the phase of making chances and fixing errors in the game. Partnering with a good development team is vital to minimize issues and errors in the final product. Here's what the post-production phase comprises:

a. Bug fixes
The iOS game development team will fix bugs and glitches that may occur for a few users. They might also release new and improved versions if the game is too laggy or problematic.
Additionally, customer reviews hold an essential place in iOS game development. If certain players face issues on their devices, the development teams must readily be available for assistance and in-app changes.

b. New Releases
A good game needs regular maintenance and the introduction of newer versions to keep the audience hooked. In addition, you need to update the levels and challenges in the game to keep it running.

An experienced game development team will not only help you create a fantastic game but will also be available for post-launch fixes and new additions.

Notable iOS games

iOS game development is highly profitable if your application gets a positive response. Most of the games on iOS devices are simple and easy to play. Here are some top games in the app store and the reasons that make them different from the rest.

Candy crush

According to stats, Candy crush has grossed the highest $8.49 million for an iPhone game. The contrasting colors, fun challenges, and easy-to-play layout make it the top iOS game for 2022.

Among Us

Among Us became famous in 2020 after many well-known content creators started talking about it on their platforms. It was released in 2018 but failed to make a mark until two years later, when it became popular due to marketing and exposure.

It is currently rated 4 out of five stars in the app store and makes a great multiplayer game for friends. Another reason for its popularity is the simple and vibrant user interface that makes it fun for many age groups.


Blek is another iOS game widely loved for its simple, minimalist, and user-friendly interface. It is a 'no-brainer' puzzle game that is easy, fun, and helps users get creative and logical. It was released in 2013 and continues to garner love and support from the players.

Unfortunately, the game is not free. Instead, users must pay $4.99 to download and play it on their mobile phones.

Call of duty: mobile

Call of duty: mobile is an iOS game version of the famous PC application that goes by the same name. One of the reasons why this application is on top is because of the already established fan base and players that were given a mobile version of their favorite game.

It is free to download, and the fantastic graphics, alongwith the layout, make it a top favorite among gamers.

Fall out shelter

Fall out shelter is another iOS game that's loved due to its minimalist design and simple layout. It is based around running a vault for a colony of survivors buried under the earth. The fun and clever layout of the game makes it popular for hardcore and casual gamers.

iOS Game Development Company for your Needs

A reliable mobile game development company must prove exceptional at what they do. Therefore, partnering with a qualified team is imperative as the application's success or failure depends on the developers' skillset.

Here are some tips for finding the most suitable game design team for your application:
  1. Search and list the most active and successful iOS game developers in the market. You can then visit their sites to study more about the way they work and the success rate
  2. Looking at the company portfolio and years of experience is another factor when selecting an iOS game development company
  3. You should also study and compare the cost ratio of the few top service providers and then narrow down to the one that best suits your needs
Talking about iOS game development teams, Argentics.io is an excellent option. From skilled and experienced developers to be present throughout the development process, Argentics guarantees that you'll never be disappointed by their service. In addition, the top-notch full-cycle development services they offer are another bonus to the list of features.


iOS game development is a lucrative business. Creating and launching a successful app can be beneficial as it'll be a source of passive income for the producers. Popular apps in the app store make millions for iOS development teams and producers, so naturally, people want to indulge in the gaming market.
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