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Perks of 3D Animation Outsourcing

3D animation outsourcing can save you time and add more expertise from other top developers in your game production. Get quick and customized services now!

Why is 3D Animation Outsourcing Important

We live in an era where the virtual world is turning 3D. From two-dimensional visuals to life-like virtual reality, the gaming world has seen a major shift. As a result, 3D animation has become more prevalent in game production as it keeps players interested.

In short, players feel more related to the game, which increases user retention by giving them a realistic virtual environment. However, such advancement in animation services means a bit more labor for the developers.

Finding and onboarding the right in-house animators might be a time consuming and costly endeavor. So no wonder, there are game outsourcing companies that offer 3D animation production services in addition to the other services.

What is 3D Animation?

3D animation is digital art that involves creating and moving characters and backgrounds in three dimensions. It results in a life-like appearance of digital creation. There are two ways to create a 3D animation:
  1. The objects are created from scratch using 3D modeling tools, providing more depth and movement.
  2. Real objects are scanned to create a realistic copy and then used as 3D objects in games and movies. However, they still require finishing using 3D modeling tools.
3D games are beloved by many users because of their depth and being set in a realistic environment. And it often takes a professional game outsourcing team to produce and implement seamless animations.

3D images provide a life-like experience to the users that helps them spend more time and money on better means of entertainment. Due to this, 3D animation has become so popular despite the difficult creation process. As a result, 3D animation has dominated not only the game industry but also film, advertising, and more.

3D animators strive for a realistic movement of the objects and characters. If the character design portrays unnatural movement, it will not give off a realistic appeal. Animators must also learn about the natural body movement and motion of other objects around us to translate it into their animation projects.

All this combined can be quite a laborious task, especially if you handle the other aspects of game production. One small mistake can waste the entire animation. Therefore, it is easier to outsource this task to professional 3D animation outsourcing companies that have a team of highly-skilled animators.

Programs Game Artists Rely On

3D animators spend a great deal of money and time learning this highly demanded skill. They use different programs to create realistic images and add smooth movements to them. These advanced software allow you to render the images, create three-dimensional movement, and apply different effects to creation.

Here are some top-rated 3D animation tools that animation services professionals use:

3ds Max

3ds Max is the most popular commercial 3D animation software in the market. It is also known as Autodesk 3ds Max and was formerly known as 3D Studio Max. It has detailed features that make it a top choice among professional animators, especially in the game development field.

The best part about this software is that its features are comprehensive. It offers two character animation tools:
  • Character Studio: It is designed to create and add movement to bipedal characters.
  • CAT: It creates and adds motion to non-humanoid creatures like animals.
Another frequently used feature of this tool is "Populate," which adds depth and realistic movement to background characters and large crowds.


Blender is an open-source 3D animation software used by beginner game developers because of its easy availability. However, it offers a detailed list of features despite being free.

These features include 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, raster graphics editing, rigging, skinning, fluid and smoke simulation, particle simulation, soft body simulation, sculpting, rendering, video editing, and compositing.

It also provides the "Lattice Modifier" feature that allows you to deform a mesh layer non-destructively. Furthermore, Blender also supports input from motion-capturing software.


Maya is the top favorite among professional 3D animators and animation services companies. It is highly customizable software with a user-friendly interface. It is used to create realistic images and blockbuster-deserving special effects.

The key features of Maya 3D software include Bifrost, unreal live link, polygon modeling, time editor, integrated Arnold renderer, NURBS modeling, universal scene description, fast playback, character setup, and graph editor.

3D models created on Maya are characterized by nodes that specify their attributes and relationships. It allows the animators to tweak their creations with just a few keystrokes. Moreover, it offers complex tools to finely render details like fur, hair, clothing, fluids, and other small particles. This software is not only famous for 3D game designers but also for 3D movie animators due to its real-life-like results.

Different 3D Animation Styles

3D animation is a generalized term that can be further divided into different categories. Even though every designer has their style, there are a few basic 3D animation styles that we specialize in.

Here are a few basic animation methods to design a prime-quality game:

Digital 3D

Digital 3D is the most common animation practice that provides an exclusive visual experience to the users. In such digital creations, viewers do not get to interact with the digital animation. Instead, game designers use software like Maya, Sketchup, or Cinema 4D to create digital 3D images.

This technique is used to create heroes or other characters in live-action movies and in-game videos during a video game. The next step is adding natural movement to these characters without interacting with the user.

Creating digital 3D art is not easy. Therefore, it requires help from different professionals like 3D modelers and animators. Outsourcing Digital 3D animation tasks helps create room for betterment in the game animation, so you have to focus on that area.

Interactive 3D

This design style allows the user to interact with the animated characters and environment in the game. It means the player can move characters around in all directions, interact with objects in the environment, and have natural reactions as we witness in real life.

This type of animation can be quite demanding and challenging. However, despite the difficulty, this method is used to create most video games in the current era. Animators use software like Autodesk Maya, Blender, and Autodesk 3Ds Max to create Interactive 3D graphics.

It is a highly demanded skill that requires acute attention to detail. Furthermore, every aspect of the animation must be customizable, as the player can interact with the animation from different angles. Therefore, every part of the 3D object and character should be responsive.

Virtual Reality 3D

It is a highly complex art that requires special skills and advanced software. A virtual reality animation is not realistic and interactive but provides a completely immersive experience.

In such animations, the player can interact with the surroundings from any direction or angle. Because of this, the animation needs to be hyper-interactive and realistic.

These animations must be in line with the physics of the real world. Payers need a special VR headset to have this immersive experience.

Stop Motion

Stop-motion animation is an old form of animation that requires continuous images of an object. These images are combined to create a moving 3D animation. This type of animation requires high-definition photography and software like PowerDirector, Stop Motion Studio, Boinx iStopMotion, and Eclipse - Stop Motion Pro.

These animations require more patience than expertise to create a moving video. However, this method of 3D animation is rarely used in interactive games. Nevertheless, it can be a great option for game trailers and opening videos.

Motion Capture

Motion capture is the 3D animation method used in AAA game titles, mobile projects, and film production. This is because it provides hyper-realistic movement in 3D images. It uses real humans or animals to record the movement, masked with an animated character in the post-production.

Adobe After Effects, Animate CC, 3ds Max, and Blender are the top software that offers motion caption features. It provides a cinematic experience to the players in video games. The hyper-realistic stimulation retains the player's interest for a prolonged period.

Possible Difficulties that Animators May Face

As mentioned above, 3D animation is not an easy task. There are a few difficulties that animation may face during the production process. The main obstacles in any animation task can be relevant experience with the right software or hardware.

Since animation requires modern software, that can sometimes cost a couple of thousand dollars. Therefore, not many animators have access to such applications. Moreover, this software runs on heavy-duty computers, which may also cost a fortune.

This is why it is best to outsource animation services to professional companies.

Pros of 3D Animation Outsourcing

Outsourcing work is a proven way to reduce stress on your company and provide better results. However, especially if 3D animation is not a part of your core skills, it is crucial to delegate this task to a professional for ideal results.

Here are the benefits of outsourcing 3D animation projects:

Reduced Hiring/Training Cost
Hiring and training a full-time 3D animator can be quite expensive, especially if you have a small business. Therefore, it is beneficial to hire a professional 3D animator from an animation services company on a project basis.

It will reduce the game development cost that you can spend on the marketing of your product. According to research, companies that outsource animation services can reduce the cost of their project by 70%, which is a major chunk of the budget.

Prime Quality Work
Since you work with a professional animation services company, you will not have to worry about amateurs dealing with your 3D game animation.

These animators are the gaming industry's top developers that ensure top-quality work at the decided time.

Availability of Advanced Technology
Since the animation outsourcing companies direct all their focus in game development and animation services, they will have the advanced hardware and software to facilitate top-notch quality animation production.

Getting access to these applications and specialized computers will not come with an extra cost. It can help you save a lot of money on your projects.

Competitive Advantage
Lastly, creating a deal with animation outsourcing companies gives you a competitive edge over other game development companies in the market. In addition, since you will focus on your core business, you will be able to strengthen your launch even more.

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